Bridal Flowers Forever

Your Bridal Flowers  painted for you,

                                                                     a precious memento of your wedding day  

  Bridal Flowers Forever

                                                                 a must for your wedding gift list!

Here are some ideas of what is possible with

Bridal Flowers Forever.


Have a look at the page on the header of this post –  Bridal Flowers Forever   –  for lots more information on how to commission a painting of your bridal bouquet or for information about purchasing a Bridal Flowers Forever Gift  Voucher as a gift for a couple you know who are planning to marry soon.

Bridal Flowers Forever

               a gift from the heart

 which will speak to your heart forever.



Mary delights in the process of botanical art. Capturing the essence of a plant with it's sensuality, beauty and frailty in a contemporary scientifically truthful way is her greatest challenge as an artist. She encourages the viewer to look again and really see the complex magical world of plants.
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3 Responses to Bridal Flowers Forever

  1. Andy says:

    Mary, I’m living with an artist!…… I know art when I see it!…..:)
    However this is Art & Soul!….. Should we decide to get married you’ll know about it!…….:))

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