A Taste Of My World

Passion Flowers

Here is a small taste of my world. My work  is about all the senses captured and expressed through the medium of watercolour. Painting organic forms with all their sensual beauty allows me the opportunity to immerse myself in a sensual world. Scent, colour, taste, movement, sound permeate my work. The process of working with paint, colour, water and paper is what fascinates me most. There is a freedom in abandoning myself to this process. The spontaneity and fluidity  of watercolour challenges me to let go of the restraints of the expectations I place on myself. In spite of the negativity of the world we find ourselves in and the challenges we face to keep our heads up and move forward, the world is full of endless possibilities to be explored and delighted in. Enjoy!

Pomegranate Flowers


9 Responses to A Taste Of My World

  1. yvonne ayoub says:

    Wonderful Mary!! Welcome to the world of blogging!
    At last the world can see your fabulous work….Wishing you every success! Much love Y xx

  2. Maggi McLear says:

    I love the dreamlike quality of your paintings. I am a gardener so also appreciate the subject matter. Beautiful pictures that I could live with.

  3. These are absolutely beautiful. Wow, you have such a way with colour, it’s subtle, yet in envelopes one so utterly, amazing…

  4. Eilish Dillon says:

    Hey Mar,

    Great you’re doing the blog – fair play to you. Love the pictures! Lots of love, Eilesx

  5. Sharon fox says:

    Your website is amazing, love all the paintings, you are very talented. I wish you great success.xx

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